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The challenge

Small-biz.XLR8 is a flexible training and support program empowering entrepreneurs to create actionable growth strategies for their business. The Small-biz.XLR8 program teaches essential business growth principles while forming mentorship relationships among peers, regional business experts, and links to funding groups. Prior to working with us, this organization was conducting all business tasks and functions manually—from creating each email from scratch to holding in-person classes. They needed us to create an online education system that would be fully automated while also providing a virtual student experience that was just as impactful as the in-person one, if not more so.


  • Web Design
  • Web Development
  • Brand + Identity
  • Logo Design
  • Motion Graphics
  • Content Strategy

The solution

We created a digital platform that allows students to get notified of new assignments, upload their work directly through a student portal, and communicate with both their instructors and other students for discussions around assignment topics. We also created a structure that allows student business owners to connect with other entrepreneurs on the portal. The ultimate success is that IC2 is now able to manage their program smoothly and effectively in a COVID era where virtual is the new physical. Our agency saved them time, money, and gave them a solution to grow their educational service for entrepreneurs.

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